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637-645 Browns Point Rd
Bowdoinham, ME, 04008
United States


East of Eden Flower Farm grows specialty cut flowers and offers seasonal floral design for weddings and events in coastal Maine. From March through November, you can find our flowers in many different places - we make mixed bouquets for local retail outlets and our popular CSA program. We offer bulk buckets of flowers for DIY couples and also offer floral design services for weddings. We work with floral designers in the Portland and Brunswick area and are expanding into local farmers' markets.


We're Hiring!


East of Eden is a six-acre specialty cut flower farm nestled on the shores of Merrymeeting Bay in Bowdoinham, Maine. We cultivate just under two acres of annuals and perennial crops for wholesale and retail outlets including: local floral designers, natural food stores, a weekly farmers market and our 65+ member flower CSA. Seasonal floral design is also a significant portion of our business  - we exclusively use local flowers and foliage in our design work, almost all of which is grown on the farm.

As we prepare for another exciting season, we're looking for crew members to join our our farm team. Our ideal candidates are folks who want to learn about cut flowers and sustainable farming practices but aren't afraid to get their hands dirty! We want to bring the highest-quality flowers to market and expect our team to take pride in our work, take the work seriously and work efficiently. We strive to cultivate a dynamic, often challenging environment in which patience, kindness and respect are constants.

We will move forward the right person, but prefer candidates with previous experience in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping or the restaurant industry.

Additionally, our ideal flower farm crew member demonstrates:

  • A desire to learn about flowers and farming: We love what we do so our hope is that employees come excited to learn about flower farming, sustainable growing practices, and a host of other skills. We want people who are inspired by the work, interested in learning more and asking questions. It is important to us that our team members are observant and engaged.

  • A strong work ethic: Farming is incredibly rewarding but it is also incredibly hard work. Farm work is physically demanding and so employees need to be comfortable working in standing or kneeling positions for extended periods of time. We want team members to know there will be amazing days on the farm but also some tough days when the work is tiring and monotonous. We have a reputation for always sending high-quality flowers to our accounts and expect our team to be attentive to detail.

  • A willingness to work in all weather: Employees should pay attention to the weather forecast and come prepared for that day's conditions. We organize the day so that it is as comfortable as possible but we complete our work regardless of whether it is hot and sunny, cold and rainy, or somewhere in between. Employees need to bring appropriate clothing and outdoor gear.

  • An ability to communicate directly, openly and respectfully: We expect there to be mistakes every season and lessons learned from those mistakes - that goes for owners and employees alike. If we do not give clear instructions, we encourage our team members to ask questions so that we can better explain the task at hand. Open, direct and respectful communication with all the members of our team is incredibly important. We appreciate and value the work of our team and couldn't continue to grow our farm without it. Our commitment to quality and efficiency means that we will give feedback when necessary.  

  • A desire to be challenged: As managers we believe it is our job to not only to set clear expectations, but also to make sure we challenge each other to improve throughout the season. Team members responsibilities will evolve as the weeks go by and we will periodically highlight specific areas in which we want to stimulate improvement. While the farm should be a comfortable place to work, it is also important that it be a place of constant growth. We believe this mindset makes for a more productive farm as well as more satisfied, confident and competent team members.

  • An ability to work both collaboratively in groups and independently: There are many tasks in which working in a group is most efficient. Plus we all enjoy working with other people - it's more fun! From time-to-time there will also be some tasks that are best done independently and team members should be able to self-motivate and keep an efficient pace while working alone.

  • Focus: It is the case with many farm tasks that it is possible to carry on spirited conversations with coworkers while completing the job and this adds a great deal of enjoyment to a day at the farm, however, it is important to that the task at hand remains our primary focus. Attention and mindfulness for the work will always take precedence over secondary conversation.

  • Punctuality: Every day begins with a morning meeting where we will give important details and instructions about the day ahead. It is imperative that our team members all arrive to the farm with enough time to be ready and at the meeting when the day's shift begins.  

  • All Flower Farm Crew Members must have a valid driver’s license and the ability to lift up to 50 pounds.


*** Full-Time Flower Crew Member ***

We have two open full-time positions for folks who want to join our team for the entire season, April through November, and who want to experience the season from its beginning right on through to the end. Previous farming experience is preferred, but not required.

In this position, you can expect to:

  • work in the propagation greenhouse during the spring,

  • harvest and process flowers for wholesale orders and bouquets,

  • transplant and weed in the field,

  • assemble weekly bouquets for stores & our CSA,

  • deliver orders in the surrounding area,

  • participate in building projects during the shoulder season months,

  • and do other valuable field tasks including mowing, rototilling and field clean up.

Hours and Schedule

  • Please note the hours for this position vary over the course of the season:

    • The position starts as part-time in April (24 hours per week) and transitions to full-time in May (40 hours per week), with part-time hours beginning again in mid-to-late October (24 hours per week).  

  • The ideal candidates can work a Monday through Friday schedule during the main part of the season, and Tuesday through Thursday during the part-time months of April, October and November.

  • Pay is hourly, starting at $12/hour, including a half-hour paid lunch.

  • There is an end-of-season bonus, based on merit, for those who complete their seasonal April-November commitment.


After reading the descriptions of the positions available, if you are interested in applying please send an email to with your name in the subject and the job title you're applying for (example: Julia Shipley: Full-Time Flower Crew).

Please include a letter of introduction that details why you would like to work on a flower farm as well as a current resume and two references. We will be in touch with qualified candidates to set up an interview.